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FCM portal Europe

Prototype product viewing and downloading portal launched

Good news! The Forest Carbon Monitoring prototype product portal has been officially launched. Through this portal you can view and download all the prototype products that have been produced with openly available datasets. You can find more information on the specifications of the demonstrations at the ‘Demonstrations’ page.

Through the product portal, it is possible to visualize the prototype output products as well as the European wide Sentinel-2 composite mosaic tiles. The datasets can be downloaded through the portal using the ‘Downloads’ panel on the right-hand side of the screen. A ‘Delivery note’ document has been prepared separately for each demonstration and is available for download on the portal. It is important to read this document as it provides information on the products, including 1) the data and methods used to produce the products, 2) product format metadata and 3) information on the uncertainty of the products.

Note that these products are prototype outputs only, not to be used for any official or operational monitoring or reporting. The products are provided publicly for research and evaluation purposes.

Comments or suggestions regarding the products can be submitted through the Forest Carbon Monitoring project contact form

FCM portal screenshots

Figure 1. Screenshots from the prototype product portal. Catalonia demonstration on the left and a zoom-in of the Finland demonstration on the right.