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Forest Carbon Monitoring project presented in the Finnish Satellite Workshop 2021

The Forest Carbon Monitoring project team participated the Finnish Satellite Workshop and Remote Sensing Days 2021 (, which was organized as a virtual event 23-24 August 2021. It is the largest New Space meeting in Northern Europe with nearly 500 people participating this year, from all over the world. The meeting brought together space technology specialists, scientists and EO users to discuss current topics in a rapidly developing space field.

The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, who is coordinating the Forest Carbon Monitoring project, presented the project in the ‘Biodiversity and Climate’-session on the second day of the workshop. The presentation gave an overview of the newly launched project, highlighting the main objectives, activities and timeline. The presentation was well received and the participants showed interest in following the progress of the project in the coming two years.

In addition to providing a good stage for distributing the information of the Forest Carbon Monitoring project, the event gave a great opportunity for the project team to hear about the latest developments in both the satellite hardware as well as the satellite data application. The project team will continue to provide updates and present results of the project in the future Finnish Satellite Workshops and other events.

Project aim

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In the meanwhile…

While waiting for the finalization of the plans for the project extension, we would like to highlight some key developments that took place since the end of the main phase of the Forest Carbon Monitoring (FCM) project. The project was highlighted in several occasions in different types of events and […]

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We are back!

After a longer than expected hiatus, it is now confirmed that we will get a further 18 months of funding from ESA to continue the work on the Forest Carbon Platform development. This allows us to focus on the topics that require further development and demonstrate the functionality of the […]